encord_logo_400x165The European Network of Construction Companies for Research and Development (ENCORD) is a network of active members from the construction industry, represented by decision-makers and executives working on research, development and innovation (R,D&I). ENCORD has 20 members with head offices in 9 European countries and operations worldwide. All members are major European contractors and/or suppliers of construction material and are strongly devoted to R, D & I for increased competitiveness and growth.


  • ENCORD’s main objective is to be Europe’s forum for the promotion of industry led research, development and innovation in the construction sector, acting as:
  • A network to exchange best practice experience, discuss strategies for the development of the construction sector and develop new ideas for research
  • An instrument to communicate directly and indirectly with the EU administration and the European research community.



The construction sector is facing major challenges for continued quality-of-life and growth in Europe. From an industrial point of view, ENCORD has identified the following priorities which are discussed at regular council meetings, specific ENCORD workshops and platforms:

  • Eco-efficient Construction, Mastering Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sustainability, Knowledge Management (KM), Lean Construction, ICT for Virtual Construction, Infrastructure, Health & Safety (H&S), The implications of the Aging Society for the construction sector, Implementation of Research Activities.
  • ENCORD has developed the CO2e Measurement Protocol, the Construction Waste Measurement Protocol and the ENCORD Sustainable Development Charter.