Our objectives

Contribute to the competitiveness, quality, safety
and environmental performance of the construction sector


The aim of ECCREDI is to contribute to the competitiveness, quality, safety and environmental performance of the construction sector and to the overall sustainability of the built environment – all urban and transport infrastructures – by advocating for effective construction research, technological and process development and innovation.

ECCREDI adds value as a European council that connects its members and establishes areas of common interest, for which joint action is more successful than isolated approaches from individual members.

Added values

Where such common interest is identified, ECCREDI co-ordinates opinion and issues joint positions, aimed at influencing policy makers in the EU, including the European Commission, particularly but not limited to DG RTD, the European Parliament and the Joint Research Centre. The objective of this lobbying activity is to get – in collaboration with the European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP) and other European Technology Platforms – a better deal for the construction sector, in terms of the funds allocated to construction research and innovation and the quality of research programs that are designed by the European Commission under Horizon 2020 and future framework programs.

EU policies

In addition, lobbying by ECCREDI on wider key policy areas helps to ensure that relevant EU ambitions such as circular economy, energy efficiency, competitiveness etc. take into account the ideas and needs of the construction industry, which has a major role in the successful implementation of EU policies.

Representatives of the construction industry at European level call for a holistic approach in Horizon Europe, through a Co-programmed European Partnership on the Built Environment and Construction.

Launching the communication at the Bauma fair in Munich, the President of the European Council for Construction Research, Development and Innovation (ECCREDI), Sue Arundale said “The whole industry needs and wants to accelerate the digital transformation of the business, which will be critical to resolving the main societal challenges of Europe. This is why we need to build on the success of the current public private partnership under Horizon 2020 and we are pushing for a much-needed change of focus, like the one outlined in the paper”.

More information


Our key strategic themes for the coming five years related to the built environment and urban and transport network development concern: