The “Association of European Experts in Building and Construction“ (AEEBC) was established in 1990 and represents Building and Construction Experts who are professionally qualified in the technological and management processes by which buildings are designed, constructed, renewed and repaired in accordance with the national legislation of individual countries.


The expertise of the Association of European Experts in Building and Construction includes building pathology; asset protection; design and specification of new buildings; construction and project management; building maintenance, repair and renewal; legal work and expert witness.


Building and Construction Experts provide consultant advice to property owners and users on the design, production, development, refurbishment, maintenance and repair of their properties. Their advice encompasses technology, management, economics together with the legal and environmental processes by which buildings are designed, constructed, improved and repaired.


The AEEBC goal is that the common title “European Building Expert” will help overcome the confusion of titles amongst building and construction professionals fulfilling similar roles.


The AEEBC is involved in projects covering all aspects relevant to the profession of building surveyors and experts. It is recognised within the AEEBC that each member country faces on going legislative changes related to their professions that is largely driven by EU legislation. The opportunity to disseminate and discuss each countries approach, understanding and implementation is key to the ethos of the AEEBC.