European Network of Building Research Institutes (ENBRI)
The “European Network of Building Research Institutes” (ENBRI) was founded in 1988 to bring together principal building and construction research institutes in Europe.

Now 25 years later, it links the leading national centres for building and construction research in Europe.

Its 21 members employ in total over 5000 professional research staff. They undertake a wide range of research and innovation actions relevant to the built environment, and manage unique research facilities

Disseminating knowledge

The knowledge base of ENBRI and its members covers all significant aspects of building and construction, including not only the performance of materials, systems, buildings and other structures but also the associated design, management and communication processes. Through their strong links with both industry and government bodies, ENBRI members play crucial roles in creating and disseminating new knowledge and assisting the implementation of innovation across construction which is the single largest industrial sector in Europe.


  • Construction faces major challenges, including consequences of climate change, energy shortage, demographic change, mobility problems, need to renovate and upgrade a large proportion of Europe’s building stock and urban areas, rising consumer expectations and demand for comfort, global competition and low profit margin within the sector etc. All this will require new technologies and processes which can bring about radical improvements and as such also offers plenty of opportunities for growth and welfare for the European Citizens.
  • The range and depth of understanding of technical, environmental and social issues in construction within ENBRI members, coupled with their leading position as national centres of excellence, enables them to play a distinctive role in addressing these issues, working with both industry and government. Their contribution comes through research, demonstration projects, information programmes, education and training etc.


ENBRI members are fully integrated in the private and public networks and recognise partnerships between members and specific parts of the industry. The ENBRI members are well established within the scientific community. Each of them and all together are competent partners of the construction industry, owners and end-users, authorities and government, standardisation bodies and research institutions. It must be emphasized that ENBRI members are independent and neutral.