European Construction Industry Federation (FIEC)

The “European Construction Industry Federation” (FIEC) speaks for the European construction industry.

Through its 29 national member federations in 26 European countries (23 EU & EFTA and Turkey), it represents, without discrimination, construction enterprises

  • of all sizes (from one person craftsmen and SMEs to large international firms),
  • from all building and civil engineering specialities,
  • engaged in all kinds of working methods (main contractors or sub-contractors).

This wide-ranging representativeness was officially recognised in a study undertaken on behalf of the European Commission so that FIEC is the “Social Partner” representing employers in the European Sectoral Social Dialogue “Construction”

Main objectives

  • FIEC represents and promotes the interests of the European construction industry towards the European institutions while helping to increase knowledge of the sector among policy makers and the general public.
  • FIEC occasionally participates in relevant research projects. Most recently, it has been involved in a project to design and establish an information platform, aimed at helping construction products manufacturers and contractors to understand their obligations, with respect to the Construction Products Regulation, REACH legislation and standardisation.
  • FIEC has long been concerned that the construction industry is perceived by the EU institutions as a ‘low-productivity, low-technology, underperforming industry’. Contrary to this negative perception, the innovation that takes place every day in the construction sector is improving processes, saving and improving materials, saving energy and making our buildings and infrastructure more usable, comfortable and sustainable.


Other objectives

  • Promoting sustainable development in the construction business in order to protect biodiversity, encourage energy efficiency and bring down greenhouse gas emissions that are associated with global warming.
  • Maintaining a public procurement system ensuring a true level playing field for all EU construction companies.
  • Ensuring that the specific interests of construction crafts and SMEs are taken in.
  • Fostering a climate of innovation in the sector and promote the right policy framework that encourages the swift uptake of the new technologies and Innovative processes