European Asphalt Pavement Association (EAPA)With more than 40 members and associated members, the “European Asphalt Pavement Association” (EAPA) represents the majority of the asphalt pavement industry in Europe and is engaged in asphalt road construction and maintenance.

EAPA is the acknowledged contact point for its members, other industry organisations and of course the European Institutions. The association’s mission is to take a proactive approach in presenting the industry’s position on the relevant issues in order to have a substantial input to, and impact on European legislation and standards relevant to the Asphalt paving industry.

Next to the European focus, EAPA is also a platform for its members to discuss crucial issues of the sector and the exchange best practices, support research and disseminate industry relevant


Over 90% of the total European road network has an asphalt surface. There are over 4,000 production sites in Europe and over 10,000 companies are involved in production and/or laying of asphalt. 90% of the companies can be classified as Small and Medium sized Enterprises. In order to make the voice of the industry heard at the European level, an active and influential European Association is needed whose aims are promoting the effective use of asphalt in the construction and maintenance of roads throughout Europe.

Safety, Environment and Technical Issues

EAPA is highly engaged in Committee Work, in particular on Health, Safety, Environment and Technical Issues. It is represented in CEN Technical Committees and is contributing to European Standards for asphalt and bitumen. It takes part in several European Research and Development Programmes (e.g. FP7 Programmes), maintains a close relationship with the European Commission and the European Parliament and is engaged in regular discussions and meetings with the other like-minded organisations.


EAPA publishes various position papers and statistical data, such as the annual “Asphalt in Figures”. EAPA organises several highly valued events e.g. the yearly EAPA Symposium (2015 in Istanbul) and the quadrennial E&E Congress (2016 in Prague), the latter together with Eurobitume.


EAPA also maintains close ties with asphalt producers in North America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Japan in the Global Asphalt Pavement Alliance, GAPA, taking up the challenge of creating infrastructure designed to improve the progress of regional economies on a global scale in an environmentally and socially sustainable way.