In 1990, national associations representing construction micro-enterprises and SMEs, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and craftsmen in six European countries joined forces in 1990 to establish the European Builders Confederation (EBC), the European professional organisation representing national associations of construction SMEs and crafts.

At national level, EBC members cover crafts ranging from general contractors and bricklayers over specialised crafts such as carpenters, joiners, plumbers, HVAC and renewable energy installers to finishing crafts such as plasterers and tile-fix painters.

EBC is a European non-profit professional organisation with its secretariat based in Brussels.

EBC represents, defends and promotes the interests of the building sector’s micro, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, in close coordination with our national member organisations. Our mission is:

  • To ensure that construction SMEs’ specific needs are taken into consideration during the European legislative process in order to create a business environment that enables construction SMEs to be the driver of sustainable economic growth in Europe
  • To increase the understanding of the role construction SMEs can play in helping the European Union respond to challenges such as job growth, youth unemployment, digital economy, urban regeneration, energy efficiency, circular economy, etc.
  • To express the views of construction SMEs in European policy making on issues such as health and safety, energy efficiency, circular economy, digitalisation, public procurement, late payments, posting of workers, etc.